Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Is Social Media hurting our parenting skills?

This is my own personal rant - do not take offense please. I was just thinking to myself about how kids seem to be getting wilder and doctors are prescribing ADHD medications at more rapid paces. This has been blamed on nutrition and too much stimulation. I agree that some of the food out there is way too high in extra dyes and chemicals, but I don't think that's the problem. In fact, I wonder why we aren't blaming parents more? So, then I was thinking about some people I know and their parenting - how they maybe do not discipline children when they should or let their kids be independent when they may not be ready to be. Why is that - why is discipline stepping to the wayside? I think part of it may be social media. I think Facebook and Pinterest are creating bad parenting and here's why. Mothers are spending more time on Facebook and Pinterest and seeing these wonderful things that others are creating and hearing about how other moms are completing a million things in a day with no problems. So, they of course want this perfect life and in order to get it they are not disciplining their children. They are letting the children do things that will help them look better and possibly while their children are doing inappropriate things they are too concerned with what is going on with Facebook. Don't get me wrong, I do not think all parents are like this nor do I think I am perfect in any way. There are many times I am too easy on my daughter and let her get away with things. I am just noting that we cannot let Facebook and Pinterest, nor any other social media tool, make us feel as though our children do not need limits and rules. We also cannot look at what others post and feel bad about our own personal parenting. Our children need rules and limitations and I think more parenting is the best prescription for these children!

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